System won't reboot from Linux?

From: Ian Morgan (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 18:58:17 EST

I'v got a laptop here (Sager NP8560V (aka Clevo 8500)) that can reboot and
poweroff just fine from Windows and GRUB. It will poweroff just fine in
Linux, but refuses to reboot. i.e. gets to the end of the shutdown scripts,
says "Restarting system", then just hangs.

Of course, like most laptops, it has no reset button, so I have to use the
power button to physically power the system off then back on, which I really
hate doing.

Any ideas how to debug this? Anybody know what Windows and GRUB do to reboot
a system that Linux doesn't? I'm going to dig through the code now, but was
hoping somebody might have a quick answer.

Ian Morgan

 Ian E. Morgan        Vice President & C.O.O.         Webcon, Inc.         PGP: #2DA40D07

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