Evil scsi bug.

From: war (war@starband.net)
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 17:58:03 EST

When ide-scsi is loaded, box a with a symbios scsi board does NOT work,
the scanner does not work.

Oct 12 18:39:23 p3 kernel: Attached scsi generic sg2 at scsi0, channel
0, id 3, lun 0, type 6
Oct 12 18:39:23 p3 kernel: sym53c875-0-<3,*>: target did not report
Oct 12 18:39:23 p3 kernel: ide-scsi: The scsi wants to send us more data
than expected - discarding data
Oct 12 18:39:23 p3 kernel: ide-scsi: transferred 5 of 6 bytes

When I unload ide-scsi, and load the scsi module all by itself, it works
What an evil bug/problem!

With box b, I have an adaptec and ide-scsi both built into the kernel,
and they work great.

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