Re: Dual Athlon XP 1800+ on Tyan Thunder K7 or Tiger MP anyone?

From: Jelle Foks (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 15:32:00 EST

Joel Jaeggli wrote:

>On 11 Oct 2001, John J Tobin wrote:
>>On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 14:14, bill davidsen wrote:
>>>In article <1002667385.1673.129.camel@phantasy> wrote:
>>>>Completely Agreed. I am thinking of getting a dual AMD system for doing
>>>>more kernel work (tackle AMD and SMP). My main machine is a P3 now.
>>>The issue right now may be RAM cost. I just bought 512MB PC133 for
>>>$140/GB, while "registered PC2100" memory is about $900 from the same
>>>source. I think that's what the Tiger wants, isn't it?
>registered ecc dimms from crucial and kingston valueram are barely more
>than non-registered parts... I see the 512MB kingston registered ecc ddram
>part for $220 from a large mailorder house. the same spec part from
>corsair is still $489 from the same vendor. given the headaches that
>result from having to debug problems/faulty dimms on a machine with 2GB of
>ram and the non-trivial engineering that went into getting 4 reasonably
>spaced ddr dimm sockets on the mainboard. I expect registered ecc dimms
>will be well worth it, if only so that you can rule out the memory as the
>culprit if you have certain kinds of issues...

I have very good experience by testing with a memtest boot floppy (see, and running overnight or a whole week-end. All new
configurations I build get a long memtest before deployment.


>>>bill davidsen <>
>>The Tyan Tiger and Thunder both take Registered DDR DIMMs. Though
>>anandtech got it running using only one pair of unregistered, other
>>combinations of unregistered failed to boot. There are also no SMP
>>athlon chipsets that use PC133.

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