[PATCH] Hotplug PCI driver for 2.4.13-pre1

From: Greg KH (greg@kroah.com)
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 13:31:14 EST


Another release of the Compaq Hotplug PCI driver is available against
2.4.13-pre1 is at:
With a full changelog at:

The latest version of modutils is required to use this version of the

I have also included the ddfs patch from Pat Mochel in this patch, as
the hotplug pci driver now uses it as its interface to userspace. I
have fixed a few minor bugs that I ran into in the ddfs patch, so people
interested in ddfs might want to take a look at this version.

Changes since the last release:
         - forward ported to 2.4.13-pre1
        - changed the identifying feature of a hotplug pci slot from an
          int to a char * due to the PPC hotplug pci driver's needs.
        - cleaned up the hotplug pci slot structure a bit to hid hotplug
          pci core structures from the hotplug pci drivers.
         - removed the last known direct hardware access code. If anyone
          sees any places that the Compaq driver does not use the proper
          kernel apis to access hardware, please let me know.
        - removed all *_sleep_on() calls to eliminate the potential
          races in those usages.
        - move the filesystem code into the hotplug pci core, removing
          it's dependency on the ddfs patch.
        - possibly merge the 2 passes of the pci bus when removing a
          device as the /proc logic that required that is now gone.
        - Port the Linux PPC hotplug pci controller driver to the
          hotplug pci core interface, whenever Anton sends me an
          updated file...


greg k-h
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