No love for the PPC

From: Mike Borrelli (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 12:08:39 EST

I'm sorry about the tone of this e-mail, but it is somewhat painful when,
after downloading a new kernel to play with, it doesn't compile on the
ppc. It isn't even big problems either. A single line (#include
<linux/pm.h>) is missing from pc_keyb.c and has been for at least three
-ac releases. Now, process.c in arch/ppc/kernel/ dies from an undeclared
identifier (init_mmap).

I'm sure the appropriate response would be to fix them myself, but I don't
know enough about the kernel or the ppc arhitecture. I'm also sure that
if Theo (or anyone like him) was to read this s/he would tell me to stop

Anyway, the real question is, why does the ppc arhitecture /always/ break
between versions?

I'll stop complaining now.


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