Re: Really slow netstat and /proc/net/tcp in 2.4

Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 11:44:58 EST


> Is it possible to fix this? Was the 2.2 hash table just that much
> smaller?

2.2 did not use hash tables, holding special single list for /proc.

If I understand correctly it was removed because added more data/work
and new point of synchronization for main path being useful only for /proc.
The approach would be justified, if you had 100000 sockets. In this
case both approaches are equally slow. :-) But for 1000 sockets hash
table of 100000 entries is sort of overscaled.

> Is it possible to fix this?

To fix --- no. To make differently --- yes.

Well, actually, if you are interested drop me a not I can pack for you some
my old work on this. It is fully functional, but api is still dirty.
It requires some patching kernel, unfortunately.

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