Re: Why can't I strace some processes?

From: Ian Stirling (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 10:35:21 EST

> How do I strace processes that use clone, to create multiple threads?
> I've tried the latest strace.
> Thanks.

Sorry, I was going for concise, and brief, but realise now I probably went
too far.

Details: Kernel 2.4.11 strace 4.4 (neither of these seem critical.
Has a binary of a p2p client for linux.
It's closed-source, and has a number of issues.
In attempts to find workarounds for these, I attempted to strace the process,
and it diddn't quite work.

It only ever traces syscalls made by the process that originated the
clone call, never resultant processes, even with -f set.
Attempring to connect and trace the resultant processes causes strace to
exit immediately, sometimes STOPing the process that was attempted to
be traced.

As all the work is done by the threads, and these seemingly can't be traced,
there is an annoying problem.

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