Password prompt sometime appears on wrong vc???

From: Chris Rankin (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 02:31:24 EST


I have been noticing this problem for several kernel iterations now;
before 2.4.7, I think. Basically, the *first* time that I try to login
to a vc (my non-X console is vc/6), the "login: " prompt appears on
vc/6 but the "Password:" prompt always appears on vc/1. I have to type
the password in on vc/1 as well. This happens on both my UP non-devfs
box and on my SMP devfs box.

Once I logout and try logging in again, the "Password:" prompt appears
correctly on vc/6 and everything is fine.

I am using the shadow utilities, and so the password is read from
/dev/tty rather than from /dev/vc/6. However, my understanding is that
/dev/tty is meant to be the "current" console. Is something failing to
get initialised somewhere?

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