How to install the linux source tree?

From: Rachel Chew (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 04:22:41 EST


I'm a linux newbie. And I've got red-hat 7.1 installed on my laptop. I
intend to use the latest pcmcia-cs drivers which requires a linux source
tree?! I have downloaded the equivalent copy of kernel 2.4.2-2.src.rpm. Can
I not recompile the kernel, since I have no experience in it and I'm using
lilo as I've partitioned my harddisk for win98 and a logical partition for
redhat. So, I do not wish to screw things up.

Can anyone please teach me how to get the linux source tree so that the
pcmcia-cs.rpm can use the linux source tree to start the build. I'm sure I
do not need to recompile my kernel as I've got pcmcia enabled in my current
kernel (the one that came with redhat). Any help appreciated. Please reply
soon. Desperate to get my ethenet card working. Thanks in advance.


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