Re: Which kernel (Linus or ac)?

From: T. A. (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 04:25:32 EST

> Of course, you can get most of the IDE chipset support, fs support
> 3.5, ext3) and LFS support as patches for 2.2:

    Have used this and has worked great on the machines I've had to use it
on. Though I'm a bit leery about using it since I figure the generic
2.2.x.preX kernels get a lot more testing that those with this patch
installed. Also heard of problems using this patch on a VIA PIII SMP
system. :-( And just went I had been planning to use it on a dual PIII VIA
chipset board too.


    I actually was going to start using this until I learned that 2.2.x
reiser patched kernels couldn't use reiserfs partitions made with 2.4.
:-( Ended up having to redo an entire system when a downgrade to 2.2.x
became imperitive. Also the 2.2.x reiser patch lacks the large file support
(on the reiser filesystems created under 2.2.x) and maybe other goodies and
I don't get that back easily by just switching kernels.


    Might give this a try now that it appears to be release quality.


    I'll look into this the next time > 2GB files support becomes needed on
a system. pre 2.4.x I had been using FreeBSD for such tasks.
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