Re: so, no way to kill process? have to reboot?

From: Peter Wächtler (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 03:22:25 EST

Christopher Friesen wrote:
> Well, the unkillable process continues on. Does nobody else have any ideas on
> how to kill an unkillable process in the R state thats sucking up all my unused
> cpu cycles?
> If not I'm going to have to reboot this thing...

Well, I'd suspect it in "D" state - waiting for some disk I/O to

But in "R" with your described behavior looks like a bug.
If you care about the CPU time waisted: what about kill -STOP <pid>?

Can you describe your filesystem layout?
I think of a symlink recursion bug or something wrong in /dev/shm
or alike... (no flame, just guessing :)

What are the parameters of "find"?
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