Re: [OT] Re: Which kernel (Linus or ac)?

From: J Sloan (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 01:07:30 EST

"T. A." wrote:

> Rock solid? You must have better luck than I and many acquaintances with
> Redhat. We've tried out many Redhat distros just to be caught in an
> avalanche of bug and other "issues".

That's odd, my Red Hat servers have been
almost like appliances. Not perfect, but all
the problems I've seen could be dealt with.

I've seen worse problems in commercial
unices, e.g. unixware - yuk - and hpux.

> Furthermore they appear to just love
> beta or alpha software.

They do break new ground, and are often the
first distro to implement new technology.

You have to know the red hat pattern:

x.0 release: New stuff, interesting, buggy
x.1 release: A passable cleanup of the bugs in .0
x.2 release: A smooth, polished, evolution of .1

> I still cannot believe that they used an ALPHA
> version of vim 6.0 as the default system text editor.

(shrug) I had no idea it was alpha - it works
well for me, and I'm a vi man.



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