Re: [PATCH] Sticky/Key-Setable SysRq (resubmit)

From: Crutcher Dunnavant (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 17:51:04 EST

++ 10/10/01 14:22 +0530 - BALBIR SINGH:
> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> >Followup to: <>
> >By author: Crutcher Dunnavant <>
> >In newsgroup:
> >
> >>Attached is the patch from last week which provides the sysrq system
> >>with the following:
> >>
> >>a toggleable 'sticky' flag in /proc, which makes the sysrq key work
> on bad
> >>keyboards, and through bad KVMs.
> >>
> >>the ability to set which key in /proc, which makes the sysrq key work on
> >>system _without_ a 'sysrq' key; like bad KVMs.
> >>
> >>I've gotten no tracktion on this in a week, so I'm resubmitting it.
> >>
> >
> >I think doing this through procfs might be reasonable, but a kernel
> >command line option would be absolutely mandatory. If things are
> >crappy you might not get to the point of fidding with /proc.
> >
> >Also, I really think SysRq has nothing to do under "Kernel
> >Hacking/Kernel Debugging". More than anything else it's a system
> >administration feature.
> >
> > -hpa
> >
> Also, when configuring the kernel you can decide not to have /proc
> mounted (although this is very rare), but it might happen, if somebody
> decided not to use it, so as suggested, I think a kernel command line
> option would be nice.
> Balbir

This gets into a realm of advanced/robust features which I want to add
when 2.5 opens up. I will remember it, but right now I not seeing any
traction on this at all.

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