Re: Partitioning problems in 2.4.11

From: Christian Ullrich (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 17:31:48 EST

* Alexander Viro wrote on Thursday, 2001-10-11:

> a) does 2.4.10-ac12 work for you? It had got essentially the same
> partition-related code that we have in 2.4.11. I suspect that causes
> of breakage are different, so the answer may not be the same for everybody
> affected.
> d) patch below closes two known holes. It's known to be not enough in
> one case (see above) and unlikely to help in another (sda9). However,
> let's get these holes out of the way first.

a) -10-ac11, -10-ac12 and -12 with your patch all behave like -11.

d) The patch does apparently not fix this particular bug.

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