Re: 8139too: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out

From: Manfred Spraul (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:56:19 EST

> Basic mode control register 0x0000: Auto-negotiation disabled!
> Speed fixed at 10 mbps, half-duplex.

Do you use any user space tools to fix the link speed?
        module parameter?
Could you please try what happens if you remove them.

> Basic mode status register 0x0000 ... 0000.
> Link status: not established.
> Capable of <Warning! No media capabilities>.
> Unable to perform Auto-negotiation, negotiation not complete.
> This transceiver has no vendor identification.
> I'm advertising 0000:
> Advertising no additional info pages.
> Using an unknown (non 802.3) encapsulation.
> Link partner capability is 0000:.
> Negotiation did not complete.
What is the link partner? hub, switch, fixed 10-mbit, dual-speed hub?

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