RE: RE: Dilemma: Replace Escalade with Adaptec 2400A or Promise S uper trak66?

From: Bonds, Deanna (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:03:22 EST

> <rant small=small>
> Aha, then this is a matter of miscommunication, obviously!
> When looking at your Linux Downloads page, the last official
> version made available is for Red Hat 7.0, kernel 2.2.16-22.
> Navigating to the Unsupported RAID Drivers (presumably this
> means not "completely qualified") page, one finds drivers for
> more recent kernels but only a vague phrase "Applies to: All
> DPT I2O architecture based RAID cards". This hints of the
> *possibility* of the drivers working with a 2400A ATA RAID
> controller. But this is important pre-sales info: not all of
> us know reading from the product description that the 2400A
> is based on I2O or that it's compatible enough to be
> supported by your I2O family drivers! Please clarify this for
> prospective Linux customers.
> </rant>

Point noted. We are in the process of making the web site clearer. This is
one of those things that I guess our linux group will just have to do
ourselves. While we are at it we are adding a message board so questions
like this can be asked.

> Thanks for your clarifying comments, Deanna! I'll probably
> try my luck with your product next.
Cool :-)
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