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From: Syed Mohammad Talha (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 04:53:53 EST

 Dear all,

 I have just subscribed this mailing list and sent mail to but this seems that I am missing omething, because I
 cant see my mail on the list and also have no idea whether this is the
 place to discuss or not, if not please excuse me, if yes than please help.
 have an IBM e-server and have installed redhat 7.1 with kernel 2.4.2, now
 when I am trying to upgrade the kernel I am unable to do so. This has the
 SCSI HDD and controller aic7xxx. I am upgrading the new kernel 2.4.10 now
 when I start compiling the kernel every things goes ok but when I makes the
 initrd image it gives different errors, like

 modules for aic7xxx not found or
 all loopback devices busy

 I am selecting all the options in the kernel compilation as per my
 and adopting the ways defined to compile, I have compiled the same kernel
 an IDE drive and is working fine and did not gave any error, but on scsci I
 am very badly stuck, I can make the initrd image from the old modules
 directory and define in the lilo.conf with the new kernel it works. Once I
 was successful in making the initrd image through the new kernel module
 directory but this was of no use, because when I rebooted the machine there
 was a kernel panic

 So guruz please if u can help me in resolving this problem, I am not sure
 that whether I am selecting the wrong choices in the kernel compilation or
 there is something else. Also when I compared the old module directory
 was of the default installed kernel and which I compile are quite

 Looking for help


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