Re: Intel 82815 VGA

From: Ricardo Manuel Oliveira (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 04:48:59 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > Problem with i815EM chipset (in ASUS M1000 laptop series) -
> > the display blinks *VERY* frequently - seems to blink for
> > every disk access or so.
> It shouldnt be affected by PCI traffic but I guess its possible someone
> has been sawing bits off. Try turning off ide DMA

 I keep getting emails from people which have seen my post.
To all of them (and everyone else):

 There's an undocumented bit in an undocumented register in
the built-in graphics device of Intel's i810 (i815?) chipset
(GMCH). Setting that bit to a 1 solved out this problem
(which someone affectuously called 'the damn blinking

 Get the code at ,
compile, install, read the README/INSTALL. It's as simple as

 To everyone who has tried to help in this mailing list, my
apollogies. This should be fixed in the XFree driver (I hope
it'll be fixed in the next release). Also, my thanks to
every single one who tried to help.

Ricardo Manuel Oliveira
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