Re: [2.4.10] README and Documentation/Changes inconsistent

From: Frédéric L. W Meunier (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 00:23:54 EST

D. Stimits wrote:

> My first attempt at this question didn't seem to make it in.
> On RH 7.1, which has kgcc (2.91.66) and gcc 2.96, will it be
> necessary to install a third compiler for stable 2.4.10+
> compiles?

AFAIK not for 2.4.

> Can kgcc still work for this?

If kgcc = egcs 1.1.2, I suppose so. I compiled 2.4.10 and all
earlier 2.4 with it.

Anyway, I compiled 2.95.4 right now and 2.4.11 will use it.
Time to remove egcs. Maybe it's the recommended compiler for
2.2 (?), but I don't intend to downgrade.

BTW, these files don't say that 2.95.4 is from CVS and not a
final release.

If you have the 2.95.3 sources, then

cvs rdiff -u -r gcc-2_95_3 -r gcc-2_95-branch gcc > gcc-2.95.4.patch

is your friend.

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