Re: 2.4.11 loses sda9

Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 00:20:17 EST

On Thursday 11 October 2001 00:07, Alexander Viro wrote:
> > I recompiled (I used the same .10 conf) and rebooted, but my reboot
> > halted because /dev/sda9 didnt exist. I checked this in fdisk, and it
> > didnt see it. I rebooted to the 2.4.10 kernel, and sda9 was there. What
> > happened?
> Information from fdisk would help - from both versions (with 2.4.11 you'll
> need to boot with init=/bin/sh, obviously). It may be a bug in partition
> code, it may be something fishy with guessing geometry (SCSI uses bread()
> for that) and it may be something fishy in block devices in pagecache
> stuff.
> If you have sfdisk, sfdisk /dev/sda -O /tmp/foo + mailing the result would
> make debugging the thing much simpler (that one - from the 2.4.10).

  I can get the system booted enough to work on (and totaly up) with this
partition failing. I dont know what more information from fdisk I can give
you, sda9 is there with .10, and gone with .11 It even allowed me to add a
new partition (i didnt save) I tried sfdisk but it gave me these errors.

sfdisk /dev/sda -O /tmp/foo
Checking that no-one is using this disk right now ...
BLKRRPART: Device or resource busy
This disk is currently in use - repartitioning is probably a bad idea.
Umount all file systems, and swapoff all swap partitions on this disk.
Use the --no-reread flag to suppress this check.
Use the --force flag to overrule all checks.

  I didnt try the flags, Im worried that its going to overwrite my
filesystem. Heres my /proc/scsi/sym53c8xx/0 in case its needed. My system
is entirely scsi, except for an atapi burner. All scsi compiled static.

General information:
  Chip sym53c875, device id 0xf, revision id 0x26
  On PCI bus 0, device 16, function 0, IRQ 9
  Synchronous period factor 12, max commands per lun 32

  Whats my next step?
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