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From: 穂忽膿 (guoqiang@intec.iscas.ac.cn)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 00:10:24 EST

Dear linux-kernel

 Here is some rather basic questions I want ask ,any reply or comment please
 CC to my emailbox,thank you very much.
 In kernel 2.4.x, after I recompile the kernel ,the export table of the kernel changed alot

  before compile kfree_R343243214
  after compile kfree_R_ver_str(343243214)

 so all my modules can not be loaded (unresolved symbols)
 How to deal with it?


 I know these questions are childish,but I need the answer urgently,thanks!

 George Shu

Best Regards
                                                         iTechs Lab, ISCAS, China.

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