[CFT][PATCH] i810_audio APM support and minor cleanup

From: Daniel Barlow (dan@telent.net)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 20:46:48 EST

This patch adds APM support to the i810_audio.o module in kernel 2.4 I
don't know if it works on absolutely everything out there, but it
certainly helps matters on my Toshiba portable (portege 3440ct) which
locks solid on APM resume without it. Google suggests that users of
at least some other notebooks that use this module also have this
problem. If you're using i810_audio on a machine with APM, you might
like to give it a try

There is a partial user-space workaround for this problem, but it
involves killing all audio applications on suspend, which is not
really as nice. With this patch I can "apm -s" while playing an mp3,
and the mp3 carries on where it left off when I resume.

(Patch against 2.4.9ac3, but shouldn't be too hard to apply to
anything reasonably recent)



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