Re: PROBLEM: aic7xxx SCSI system hangs

From: Justin T. Gibbs (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 15:27:15 EST

>I don't have any real kdb experiences and not much time at the
>moment.But I try to post the required information. I attached a second
>computer via null modem cable to serial and logged the output. Tell me
>if some essential output is missing.

You should run with "aic7xxx=verbose". Since you are using modules,
you will need to add a line similar to the following to /etc/modules.conf
and, if you are using an initrd, rerun mkinitrd to have the change come
into effect.

#you should already have this line
alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx
#but need this line
options aic7xxx aic7xxx='"verbose"'

>Where can I find information how to trace the problem with kdb or
>anything else?

The kdb package comes with several man pages.

>Entering kdb (current=0xc183e000, pid 3) due to Keyboard Entry
>kdb> b btp 16
> EBP EIP Function(args)
>0xdf945f6c 0xc0112d34 schedule+0x2d4 (0xc18627c0, 0xdf944000)
> kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0112a60 0xc0112e80
>0xdf945f9c 0xc0105df0 __down_interruptible+0x80 (0xdf945fd8, 0xe082051f, 0xdf9
>fec, 0xe08189d7, 0x100)
> kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0105d70 0xc0105e50
>0xdf945fac 0xc0105eae __down_failed_interruptible+0xa
> kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0105ea4 0xc0105eb4
> 0xc0105763 kernel_thread+0x23
> kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0105740 0xc0105780

This looks pretty normal for an exception handling thread. It is asleep
waiting for some error condition to wake it up.

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