ATA/100 Promise Board

From: war (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 12:57:34 EST

Any idea why DMA is sometimes on and sometimes not for a few cdrom
drives I have hooked up to my promise controller?

Whether it is on or off, whenever I copy a CD from a (dma) cdrom whether
it dma is on or off it slows my system down big time. Move the cursor
around in X, and it lags, watch X-Chat, the characters you type in
slowly appear 3-5 seconds after.

Hook the same drives up to the motherboard ide interfaces and there is
no lag at all.

This has always been the case with my cdroms.

When I had my HD on the Promise, it did DMA etc just fine.

Is there a problem with the driver if a HD is not on there it doesn't do
DMA correctly or something?

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