Reverse RPCGEN? or other such tool?

From: murali venkateshaiah (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 12:20:30 EST


RPCs go with a tool, called rpcgen. It takes data
definition (of data structures) in a C-like
(RPCL)language and rpcgen converts it into standard
C-representation of the data. Its takes a .x file
and converts into .h file plus a _client.c, _server.c
and _xdr.c files.

Now, I am looking for a tool that does the following
automation. It should take in C datastructures
(simplified representations of data definitions
where there are no embedded pointers but flat
representation), and spit out a rpcgen-able .x file.
Basically, a reverse rpcgen.

The capability makes it easier to program only
in C and not worry about the mode of transport.
It could be RPC or Corba or anything else.
C-definitions can be seamlessly converted to
RPC language or Corba etc

Am not sure IF there are any tools that SUN has
packaged with ONC-RPC or Ti-RPC. If anyone has more
information or pointers to other mailing lists please
email me directly. I'll summarise and repost.


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