Re: Tainted Modules Help Notices

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 08:10:26 EST

> What surprised me was the PPP compression modules, I didn't use PPP in 2.4.10 so maybe
> the notice was there in 2.4.10, but I didn't use them so I didn't see it. I shouldn't have
> been surprised, but I was. BSD compression, BSD license... doh... :>

Some of these are just things we need to tidy

> After this discovery, I would like to ask opinions on including licensing terms in
> item/module help files. It would be very convient if under dpt_i2o help it said that it
> was licensed under BSD-NAC.

The kernel dpt_i2o is GPL. Its in part built from GPL'd code I wrote but
mostly from what I assume was originally a cross platform dpt source set.

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