Re: is reparent_to_init a good thing to do?

Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 06:17:57 EST

Rob Landley wrote:

>Or long lived kernel threads from short lived login sessions.
>You have a headless gateway box for your local subnet, administered via ssh
>from a machine on the local subnet. So you SSH into the box through eth1,
>ifconfig eth0 down back up again. If eth0 is an rtl8039too, this fires off a
>kernel thread (which, before reparent_to_init, was parented to your ssh login
>Now exit the login session. SSH does not exit until all the child processes
>exit, so it just hangs there until you kill it from another console window...
The question one can ask is what should a thread do then?
Should reparent_to_init() send a SIGCHLD to the process/task
that was parent before init became the parent? this should be easy
to do, but will this fix the problem? I think so.

I can patch up something soon, if somebody is willing to test it.


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