Re: [RFC] register_blkdev and unregister_blkdev

Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 05:48:44 EST

Alexander Viro wrote:

>>I was looking at the code for register_blkdev and unregister_blkdev. I
>>found that no
>>locking (spinlocks) are used to protect the blkdevs struture in these
>>functions. I suspect
>>we have not seen a problem till now since
>... they are only called under BKL; ditto for lookups in the tables they
What I wanted to know was, who is calling/holding the BKL? Is it because
lock_kernel is called in sys_create_module() and sys_init_module().

I also looked at sd.c, it does not hold the BKL before calling register_blkdev()
it calls devfs_register_blkdev() from sd_init().

Maybe I am still missing something.


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