[RFC] register_blkdev and unregister_blkdev

From: BALBIR SINGH (balbir.singh@wipro.com)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 05:23:27 EST

I was looking at the code for register_blkdev and unregister_blkdev. I
found that no
locking (spinlocks) are used to protect the blkdevs struture in these
functions. I suspect
we have not seen a problem till now since


1. register_blkdev is called from modules, and only module
initialization is protected.
2. register_blkdev is called during init time for drivers in the kernel
and I am not sure
    about whether calls to register_blkdev at this time are implicitly
serialized, since only
    1 CPU is active during initialization

Anway, what I needed to know was if (1) and (2) are enough to ensure
safety in register_blkdev
and unregister_blkdev.

May be I am missing something, there is already some lock which is held
before these routines
are invoked, I could not find any.


Balbir Singh.

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