usb_bulk_msg timeout w/ rvmalloc

Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 19:39:33 EST

     I have written a driver which, in part, facilitates the usb bulk
     transfer of raw image data. It works fine for small (CIF, QCIF)
     images, but for larger images, kmalloc will not allocate enough
     I copied the rvmalloc code from the cpia2 driver and used it in place
     of kmalloc. The memory allocates fine, but usb_bulk_msg now times out
     when using the pointer to the rvmalloc'd memory. I have been unable to
     find an instance of an existing driver using rvmalloc in conjunction
     with usb_bulk_msg.
     Thanks in advance for any advice. Please reply via email - I am not
     subscribed to the mailing list.
     Paul Thacker
     Staff Engineer II
     ST Microelectronics

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