Re: [PATCH] Update to the Compaq cpqarray driver...

From: Andreas Dilger (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 15:19:30 EST

On Oct 09, 2001 11:17 -0500, White, Charles wrote:
> This patch is for 2.4.10-ac8.
> This changes the driver to use the new 2.4 kernel PCI APIs. This changes
> how all our cards are detected.
> This adds some new IOCTLs for adding/deleting volumes while the driver
> is online.
> It have added code to request/release the io-region used by our cards.

Minor note - static global variables are already zero initialized, so no
need for the following bit of the patch (which is also bad if MAX_CTLR
is not 8):

-static ctlr_info_t *hba[MAX_CTLR];
+static ctlr_info_t *hba[MAX_CTLR] =

For future reference, you'd want something like "hda[MAX_CTRL] = { NULL, };"
(assuming you are initializing a local array) which should do the right thing
(it initializes the rest of the array as zero).

Cheers, Andreas

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