Re: sysctl interface to bootflags?

From: Thomas Hood (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 10:21:14 EST

Hi. I looked at your code and I saw that it depended
on ACPI. Since ACPI doesn't work on my machine, I
thought I should look for another solution. However,
Alan now tells me that what I want to do can already
be done via /dev/nvram.

Thanks to both of you.

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 10:15, Dave Jones wrote:
> On 9 Oct 2001, Thomas Hood wrote:
> > Would it be a good idea to do this using the sysctl infrastructure?
> > If so, can someone please suggest an appropriate pathname for
> > the flag files? How about "/proc/sys/BIOS/bootflags/diagnostics"
> > and "/proc/sys/BIOS/bootflags/PnP-OS" ?
> > If this is a bad idea, someone please stop me before I waste my
> > time implementing it.
> Last week, I pointed you at
> Can you give a reason why this needs to be done in kernel space ?
> regards,
> Dave.

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