[PATCH] Sticky/Key-Setable SysRq (resubmit)

From: Crutcher Dunnavant (crutcher@datastacks.com)
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 09:52:51 EST

Attached is the patch from last week which provides the sysrq system
with the following:

a toggleable 'sticky' flag in /proc, which makes the sysrq key work on bad
keyboards, and through bad KVMs.

the ability to set which key in /proc, which makes the sysrq key work on
system _without_ a 'sysrq' key; like bad KVMs.

I've gotten no tracktion on this in a week, so I'm resubmitting it.

Crutcher        <crutcher@datastacks.com>
GCS d--- s+:>+:- a-- C++++$ UL++++$ L+++$>++++ !E PS+++ PE Y+ PGP+>++++
    R-(+++) !tv(+++) b+(++++) G+ e>++++ h+>++ r* y+>*$

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