Re: [PATCH] change name of rep_nop

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 07:13:22 EST

>>One approach we take on PPC that you may or may not like for this is
>>dynamic patching.
>BIG RED WARNING: Anybody thinking of using dynamic patching must
>consider modules as well as the kernel. modutils 2.4.8 added support
>for ppc archdata to allow dynamic patching of modules using the ftr
>data. There also has to be code in kernel/module.c::module_arch_init()
>to take the archdata and do whatever is required.
>If anybody starts doing dynamic patching, please let me know so I can
>handle modutils and module_arch_init().

Yes, definitely an issue. The mecanism we used on PPC was so specific
to some low-level arch asm code that modules were a non-issue... until
some of that critical code ended up beeing inlined.


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