Re: Odd keyboard related crashes.

From: Nicholas Berry (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 05:51:47 EST

>>> Ian Stirling <> 10/08/01 12:21PM >>>
> Pavel Machek <> writes:
> > Hi!
> >
> > > >>> Ian Stirling <> 10/05/01 05:01AM >>>
> > > >I'm running 2.4.10, and the ps/2 keyboard came out of it's socket.

>I should possibly have mentioned that APM is enabled on this machine,
> but no suspend/standby had been done, it's only for use in power-cuts
> when I want to minimise draw from the UPS batteries.
> The machine is an athlon desktop.

> I'll see if I can reproduce this with 2.4.11, 2.4.10 is utterly unusable
> for me. (totally insane swapping out causing things to get killed on
> significant reading.

I think you'll find it with any kernel. I still think this is normal behaviour. Unplugging the keyboard is fine, and should break nothing. Plugging it back it should not work. I guess I could try it on my machine here at work, but I'm not going to ;-).

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