Re: Quotactl change

From: Jan Kara (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 02:34:25 EST


> Al - is the attached patch more along the lines of what you
> were after?
> Jan - I think this is actually alot closer to what you were
> talking about when we last discussed this. Can you see any
> problems from a VFS quota point of view here? I had to make
> small interface changes to a couple of the dquot.c routines
> to make this simpler/more uniform in places - could you have
> cross-check those for me?
  I see two problems:

1) You changed interface do dquot_sync() - so you should also
   change DQUOT_SYNC() macro in quotaops.h (rename argument) and
   all callers of DQUOT_SYNC() macro...

2) It seems to me that validate_quotactl() will actually never return
   superblock - instead of 'ret = 0;' there should be 'return sb;'
   and that test 'if (ret)' should be removed....

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