[PATCH] eliminating virt_to_bus, bus_to_virt from cpqfc driver

From: Stephen Cameron (smcameron@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 15:00:32 EST


I have a patch to make the cpqfc driver use the
2.4.x DMA APIs and no longer use virt_to_bus() or
bus_to_virt(), applies to 2.4.10-ac8.

It's been pretty well tested here at Compaq
Haven't seen a bug related to these changes
since before 9/27/2001 on ia32 and ia64 with
enough RAM to require bounce buffers. Of course,
not that much testing has been done with this
precise kernel version, since it's so new.

The patch is a bit large, so I've put it here:

Also, while I was at it, the ioctls that had been added
to scsi.h, and that when merged were subsequently removed,
(breaking the compile) have been moved into a cpqfc
specific header file and defined differently.

-- steve (aka steve.cameron@compaq.com)

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