Re: linmodems (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] FUSD v1.00: Framework for User-Space Devices)

From: Tim Jansen (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 14:34:02 EST

On Monday 08 October 2001 04:37, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> A work called "modem" by a now-deceased scientist at SGI(IIRC). Alan
> pointed me to the last piece. 'modem' handles up to 14.4k speed, and
> supports some error correcting protocols we all remember from the BBS
> days.

BTW There was someone working on v.34, but the page hasn't been updated in
the last 18 months..

> Just need someone to glue those pieces together... and you have a
> winmodem driver with the proper portions in userspace, and the proper
> portions in kernel space.

This is also important for USB modems. As Intel requests PC vendors to stop
including serial ports in 2002 and linux-compatible USB modems are quite hard
to find it will be really difficult to get an external modem for new
computers. Almost every new USB modem uses either the ST7554 or the Connexant
HCF chipset, and at least the ST7554 is controllerless.

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