Re: [OT] testing internet performance, esp latency/drops?

From: Pedro M. Rodrigues (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 12:37:21 EST

   DNS maybe? What is your DNS servers topology? Are you using
any caching DNS server? I've seen that happen in a company that
was using an external DNS server from their isp, and in times of
extreme internet link usage the problem would appear. Heck, even
their sql queries would block for around 60 seconds in the
Windows machines they used. It must have left lots of SAP
consultants scratching their heads. :)


On 8 Oct 2001, at 9:02, Larry McVoy wrote:

> However, web browsing sucks. On about 80% of all links, there is a noticable
> hesitation, between 1-15 seconds, as it looks up the name and as it fetches
> the first page. After that point, that site will appear to be OK.

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