Re: Finegrained a/c/mtime was Re: Directory notification problem

From: Trond Myklebust (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 05:04:04 EST

>>>>> " " == Padraig Brady <> writes:

> you then have the same problem with synchronising nanosecond
> times between the various processors (which could be the other
> side of a network cable in some

> configurations)? So perhaps the best solution is to maintain
> both a generation

> count which would do for many apps who just care if the file
> has changed relative

> to some moment it time and not relative to another file(s) on
> the filesystem .

> Then for make type applications you could maintain the full
> resolution timestamp,

> however this will still have the
> synchronisation/portability/CPU expense issues

> discussed previously.

This `generation count' idea for file change stamping will eventually
have to go into the kernel if only because things like NFSv4 will
require it.

Meanwhile though, you're going have to look elsewhere than ordinary
NFS to be able to share the generation information over your
network. The current protocols support microsecond(v2)/nanosecond(v3)
timestamps only.

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