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From: Jeff V. Merkey (jmerkey@vger.timpanogas.org)
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 20:26:42 EST

Hey guys,

If anyone wants any of the netware file system stuff for NT or Linux, you'd
best get it while the gettings good. I'll still be around working on Linux
tape changers, etc. and SCI stuff, but the NetWare stuff is coming down
Saturday and the FTP servers will be taken off line at this time that host
any NetWare or Novell specific technologies. We will be filing litigation
against Novell Sep 1, 2001 in an attempt to get the injunction off the
defunct company and ourselves that's been around our necks for the past
four years.

The site will still be up, but much changed. Downloads are at
www.timpanogas.org and ftp.timpanogas.org. If you want anything,
nows the time to get it. SCI code will still be maintained on
this site.

When the new website goes up, folks may get a bit of a surprise since
we've been running a plant genetics lab here alongside our software
business. You will get a look at the results of our genetic
manipulation of probiscidea and mesembrecanthea. We have isolated
a cure for arthritis (not treatment, but a permanent cure) from
plants from the Native American seedbanks and have been performing
gene splicing and polyploid induction with several of these plants.
Linux work on SCI will be continuing and in other areas.

Jeff Merkey

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