ftape: kernel panic

From: Bojan Smojver (bojan@binarix.com)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 19:14:37 EST

I've discovered this purely by accident but it happened to me twice
already and on different kernels (2.2.x) and 2.4.7. The drive in
question is Seagate 8 GB internal ATAPI drive. I have had it on an Intel
VX430 chipset motherboard, kernel 2.2.x and now I have on an SiS 5571
chipset motherboard, running 2.4.7.

The problem occurs whey I attempted (by mistake) to write QTR-1 tape in
a Travan 4 drive. The kernel panics. When attempting to read the QTR-1
tape, an error about getting too much data starts occurring and then
there is 'lost interrupt' message as well. This doesn't cause kernel
panic. Writing/reading 8 GB cartridges is perfectly fine.

It is very easy to replicate the problem (happens every time) by doing
the above. I used tar to write to the tape.

This is not necessarily very important, but it might save someone a few
headaches when they insert QTR-1 tape into a Travan 4 drive by mistake
or on purpose. Especially if the machine is otherwise important and is
not supposed to be rebooted :-)


PS. Bojan's Law: "All tape cartridges look the same at 6:30 am".
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