Re: OT: Virii on lists

From: Thomas Duffy (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 17:31:19 EST

On 31 Jul 2001 23:17:13 +0100, Riley Williams wrote:

> 1. Some virii are text attachments. Your fix doesn't deal wioth them.

huh? how do you write an ASCII text virus. if you can do that, I will
give you a cookie.

example, maybe:

email receiver, please forward this message to everyone you know and
then execute as root "rm -rf /"

(if you refer to vbs text attachments, then that is a different story)

> 2. The maintainer of the XXX driver just uploaded a large patch that
> fixes a major bug in their driver to the mailing list, and zip'd
> it up to reduce its size. You just bounced it...

said driver writer should not be uploading huge patches to the mailing
list anyways and instead should have a URL that points to the website or
ftp site with the patch on it. if it is zipped already, then sending in
email defeats the purpose since I cannot view it in my email reader to
see if it makes sense. I have to be proactive about viewing it, so it
might as well be on a website or ftp site.


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