[OT] Re: OT: M$Exchange stuff for Linux/UNIX? [was: Re: Test mail]

From: J Sloan (jjs@toyota.com)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 16:04:23 EST

"Paul G. Allen" wrote:

> Sorry for the OT post folks, but...

> From what you say above, and maybe I'm misreading it, there are applications out there that will allow me to do Exchange stuff on Linux? Someone please tell me
> more.

HP Openmail was essentially a drop-in replacement
for MS exchange, but ran on Unix, including Linux.

Incredibly, as the HP engineers I know have related,
HP accepted a deal from microsoft that required them
to dump Openmail and go to ms exchange, so the HP
management "knifed the baby" and killed off a really
nice product.

Last I heard, Openmail is still available, but deprecated.
There was talk that microsoft would kill any attempt to sell
Openmail to a 3rd party, since the idea is to eliminate
alternatives to exchange.



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