Somewhat bizzare network/kernel problem

From: Tango Tiger (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 12:31:39 EST

Since upgrading to kernel 2.4.5+ I have been having problems transferring files
over the network. After a seemingly random number of bytes (normally a few 100k)
the operation seems to hang. This occurs regardless of transfer mechanism
(I've tried scp,ftp and smb). This leads me to conclude that it is a kernel/driver
issue. Using smb it hangs such that the mount point will not unmount (at all - reboot
required) and the mount becomes unusable, with any access hanging.

The network driver I use is tulip, and this problem occurs if I use the either
development version of the tulip driver or the version shipped with the kernel.
NICs in use are Linksys EtherFast (mostly) and one Cnet card.

This did not occur using 2.2.x.

I am unsure as to what would help with diagnostics - but this is _very_ easy to
reproduce so I'll be glad to help in any way.

Thank you.


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