Re: eepro100 2.4.7-ac3 problems (apm related)

From: Martin Knoblauch (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 07:37:24 EST

Kai Germaschewski wrote:
> Martin, if you want to spend some work on your problem, you could try to
> collect some more data an your problem, particularly what about using
> another state (D1/D3) when the interface is down. D3 will probably mean
> that you have to save/restore PCI config space, so it's a bit more
> tedious. Also, is there anything which makes your card work again after it
> was in state D2? Like suspend/resume, or putting it into D3 and back into
> D0? Does a warm reboot suffice, or do you need to power cycle.

 Hmm. I am kind of lost now. I just redid the tests I did with 2.4.6-ac2
under 2.4.7-ac3 and my eepro100 merrily survives any number of
D0->D2->D0 transitions. The only difference besides the kernels is the
ambient temperature. It is quite hot right now - and we don't have AC.


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