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From: christophe barbé (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 07:09:27 EST

Hi William Scott Lockwood III,

In your mails, you use outlook and hotmail together.
This is a mistake.

Outlook is a "not so bad idea" but which comes with a collection of
security holes. Eudora is definetly a better choice.

Hotmail is a http-based mail owned by microsoft. And all contents which go
in it become potential Microsoft content (there's a kind of implicit
copyright transfert between you end Microsoft).
You should read carrefully what you have (implicitly perhaps) signed.
You should avoid Hotmail. This is not related to M$ against Linux but to
your rights (to access and only you to your data) against M$ profits. From
the Microsoft point of view, Hotmail License is an improvment over the way
they lock their clients by using proprietary (embraced-and-extanded)
protocols and standarts.
Hotmail was the first site to use Microsoft Passport, which is the a draft
of .Net. If you accept Hotmail today you will accept the worst of .Net

btw You said that Microsoft comes with good solutions.
This view (linux is not user friendly) is partly wrong because what is said
to be not user friendly is caused by people not accepting differences.
M$ users are scared by what we call the unix-way.

To conclude and I will stop following this thread, I'm against adding IQ
test in the lkml subscribe process.


PS: I don't remember the name but there is a unix tool that provide
everything for MsExchange sharing facilities.

Le mar, 31 jui 2001 13:42:20, William Scott Lockwood III a écrit :
> Sick? No.
> As much as we dislike M$'s marketing practices, one has to admit that
> they DO come up with some GOOD solutions to problems, they just bundle
> them into BAD implementations that are non-free.
> As I said earlier, the problem isn't hotmail - the problem is attitudes
> like yours.
> Scott
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> Le lun, 30 jui 2001 22:23:03, William Scott Lockwood III a écrit :
> > Basically, I use a hotmail and Outlook Express to help me SORT
> messages
> > on LKML. It makes it MUCH easier for me to find the messages I want
> to
> > read vs the rest of the noise that I don't understand yet.
> Sick ...
> And btw you should read the various HotMail agreements you have signed.
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