Linux Kernel 2.4.8-pre2 Compile Attempts

From: John L. Males (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 02:31:25 EST

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Without giving the gory details, I am curious to know if there are
still problems compiling the 2.4.8-pre2 kernel (2.4.7 + 2.4.8-pre2
patch). Specifically the "make modules" does not complete dues to
some errors, the kernel compiles, but will not start after it is
decompressed, if one uses the "-k -i" options of make for the modules
to skip those that are really not a big concern to me anyway, there
seems to be problems with "make modules_install" either not working
or some other strange thing. Also what is installed in /lib/modules
tree is not just modules, but some extensive set of the kernel source
tree with object code mixed in for adventure of finding.

All I really wanted to do was give the 2.4.8pre2 kernel a try to see
if memory management was improved with the recent approaches. I did
try a prior 2.4 kernel, not sure, but think it was 2.4.4 and it had
its share of compile problems via make. Am I completely out to lunch
here, or should I just hang in. I am doing ok with the 2.2.19 Linus
Kernel with the Openwall patch, but I really would like to observe
the work in memory management of the kernel to determine if may
observations on how memory is management in the bigger picture to
determine if I wish to offer my observations to the memory management


John L. Males
Software I.Q. Consulting
Toronto, Ontario
31 July 2001 02:31

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