Re: Linux sk_buff issues.

From: Paul Schulz (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 00:43:03 EST


In the 2.4.1 kernel..
While looking at the packet classifier code (net/sched/cls_u32.c) and other
ipv4 code that makes use of sk_buf, the following is observed:

-- There exist data structures in sk_buf for the mac layer (mac), net
        header (nh), and transport header (h).

-- These data structures contain explicit labels for the various header
        fields (depending on the protocol used) as well as a 'raw'

-- Most of the cls_u32 code and packet handling code uses the
        'raw' label in the data-structure.

Using kgdb, and tracing these datastructures, there are cases where the data
looks to be inconsistant. (for example, skb->nh.iph
points to one part of memory and skb->h.tcphdr points to a different part).
Also, the values seem to be different, eg., (struct udphdr *)((char
*)skb->nh.raw + 20)->source != skb->h.udp->source. I am assuming using
skb->nh.raw is the corrent version to use at this point. Is this correct and
are their any guidelines to be aware of?


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