File system error: Input/output error

From: Ben Greear (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 19:29:47 EST

I was testing an adaptec 4-port in a RH 7.1 machine running the
2.4.7 kernel. The Adaptec card caused the system to hang hard, so I
had to power down. I tried 3 times to get the adaptec to work, locking
the machine hard each time... But, that isn't the real problem...

Now, when I boot the system, things seem to work, except for one
problem: I cannot access /etc/modules.conf. I can't remove, edit,
more, or cat it. I can't run ls on it... Every operation complains
of Input/output error, for example:

[root@lf1 /root]# more /etc/modules.conf
/etc/modules.conf: Input/output error

I tried rebooting back to RH's 2.4.3+ kernel, and I get the same
problem. I tried going to single-user and doing an fsck, but fsck
says everything is fine...

Any ideas before I have to install this thing from scratch?


Ben Greear <>          <>
President of Candela Technologies Inc
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